New version Aktion.NEXT 2.3

19. 07. 2017
The new version of Aktion.NEXT 2.3 has been released on the eCare Technical Support server, which includes the new Exception Module for opening, repairing and upgrading the Workflow module, expanding the Mass Add / Remove Access feature, and blocking the shutdown.


The exception of opening mode

New Agenda Exception of the opening mode is used to specify a mode other than that defined in the Open Mode Module. Defined for a specific date, period, or recurring event. The exception is superior to the opening mode, access mode and is suitable for setting access during a holiday or open day.


In scheduling and applications, have been added features like an option to apply for Max Payroll daily balance, distribution of one multi-day application into two, modification of the application by the approver incl. authorizing changes, wage folder sorting and defining the default scheduling folder, viewing calendars of colleagues and calendars of the employees.

Group change (partial)

The group change feature has been extended to partially change access for people, vehicles, organizational structure, and types of visits. You can add/remove access to a specific sensor or terminal while maintaining the current access. 

Blocking deadline

Blocking the attendance deadline when the sum total is exceeded / not reached (balance, over time, remains).


pdf Podrobný přehled novinek a oprav v Aktion.NEXT 2.3
pdf Popis novinek v Aktion.NEXT 2.3
pdf Návod pro Aktion.NEXT – hromadná změna