New version Aktion NEXT 3.1

18. 04. 2018
The new version includes support for GDPR processes, ordering food by using a mobile application, and new ways to set up business/international trips. In addition, you will appreciate the new design, the new web API interface and the overall web client enhancements. If you can not install the new version yourself, you can download it at the eCare Technical Support server.


Support GDPR processes 

In connection with the validity of the new Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) from 25 May 2018, functions for the deletion of personal data of persons and visitors, the pseudonymization of historical records of passages, the pseudonymization of personal records for export of data for service purposes (support).

New design and web client upgrade 

Modern, clear and fast. Preview of the new application design

New web API interface

The new web API interface for third-party system communication allows you to insert and delete people, block and enable access and gain status (presence/absence). It is also possible to set access permissions on sensors and to pass data on passes to attendance sensors.

History upgrade

Changes to access permissions are now traceable by comparing settings at a specific time. By comparing, it will be possible to determine who, when, and what change was made.

Food ordering by a smartphone application

The new version of the application allows you to order food and check your account statement directly from your smart device (Android and iOS).

Advanced possibilities business/international trips

When setting up new business trips you now have the option to record lunch breaks, breaks, work performance. You can now recognize work time according to the contract time, start and end of work time, recognized folders, and more.


pdf Přehled novinek a oprav v Aktion.NEXT 3.1
pdf Popis novinek v Aktion.NEXT 3.1
pdf Aktion.NEXT – Pracovní cesty
pdf Aktion.NEXT – GDPR procesy