Aktion HOME Smart Door Lock

Turn an ordinary front door into a smart access control system. With the Aktion HOME system, you can turn an ordinary front door into a "smart" doors.
You can open them with your mobile phone, fingerprint, chip or PIN code.

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Smart lock for houses and apartments

With the Aktion HOME system, you can turn a conventional front door into a "smart" doors.
You can open them with your mobile phone, fingerprint, chip or PIN code.


When you lose your keys to your apartment

Quite a common phenomenon. Kids are experts at losing their keys and I'm sure every parent has experienced it. When that happens, you usually change the lock and key insert for all household members, right?

Get an Aktion smart lock and you won't have to deal with any of this. Because this system no keys are needed, you just need an keyfob.

And if the child loses the access chip, you simply deactivate it in the clear web self-service and give the child a new chip. Security is thus assured. Interested in a smart lock?

Aktion home is a smart lock that can open doors without keys. Just tap the PIN or attach the RFID chip.
Slammed keys are not a problem thanks to Aktion home. Open the smart lock with a fingerprint on the biometric sensor


Slammed door? Never mind

If you forget your keys at homeusually means you have to wait for a family member. Thanks to the Aktion HOME biometric door opener, you don't have to wait. Open the door with your fingerprint.

Forget about an expensive locksmith and the unnecessary expense of going out and replacing pads and keys.


Self-service tourist accommodation process

Do you use your apartment or flat for short-term rentals for tourists? Then you no longer have to worry about handing over the keys. Simply assign the tenants 6-digit time-limited PIN code and send it to them by email or SMS. No more worrying about handing over and returning keys.

The Aktion HOME reader and smart lock ensure the door can be opened with a code for the duration of your stay, not a day longer!

Aktion HOME smart lock makes it easier for tourists to open their apartments with a push-button terminal

Smart lock in practice

In the video, you will see how to use Aktion HOME in different situations and discover, how to open the door easily, barriers and garages using only your mobile phone and PIN code.

Aktion online time and attendance for small businesses, construction sites, delivery buses and other companies that just want to record arrivals and departures.

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You can find the handy Aktion attendance and access control system in large companies and small family businesses across Europe.

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