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Due to the increasing safety of people moving around the premises and certain regulations, the company management has raised the requirement for visitor registration. They were faced with a high turnover of people, and even in the event of an evacuation, no one actually knew exactly how many people were actually on the premises. For security and organizational reasons, they decided to implement a visitor registration system that would allow easy registration and tracking of visitors' movements in the company.

How it started

Let's take a look at how KAMAX, a long-established supplier of products for the automotive industry since 1935, handled the visitor logging solution. In total, around 4,000 employees work here in 19 countries. The turnover of visitors and vehicles is quite high. 

Before the introduction of the new system there was no standardised procedure in the company for recording visits. Staff were often not informed of the arrival of visitors or did not have sufficient information about them. This caused confusion, loss of time and a safety risk.

Kamax decided to invest in Aktion, a modern and efficient visitor registration system, to help solve these problems.

Example of registration of a visit at the information kiosk.
Aktion information kiosk


Kamax approached us to design and implement a visitor registration solution. The following objectives were set:

Registration of visits

Registration of the visit is done directly by entering the information on the information kiosk at the reception or via the Aktion web application. Visitors fill in their contact details, the purpose of the visit and the name of the employee they wish to visit. They will also read and agree to the security declaration on the movement of persons. Alternatively, it is possible to generate an invitation to the person being visited directly in the Aktion system.

Notification of employees

After registering the visit, the relevant employee will receive an email notification with information about the visit, including the visitor's name, time of arrival and purpose of the visit. This will ensure transparency and staff preparedness for the arrival of visitors.

Records of visits

All information about visits is stored in a central database. It usually includes the time of arrival and departure, the purpose of the visit, the name of the employee who received the visit and other relevant information. These records are kept for future reference and auditing. In the event that an evacuation is necessary, you can easily generate a list of people located in the appropriate zone.
Overall, the introduction of the modern Aktion visitor registration system has brought Kamax many benefits in terms of organisation, security and efficiency. The system has proven its worth and has become an important part of the company's infrastructure.

We have been using Aktion for many years to control employee access to facilities, record visitors, monitor areas within the company and even order meals. In addition to security also brings us comfort and efficiency. We appreciate the modularity of the entire application and the possibility of gradual expansion according to the current needs of the company.

About KAMAX s.r.o.

View of the production hall of Kamax s.r.o.

KAMAX is one of the world market leaders in high-strength fasteners for the automotive industry. The company is a direct supplier or sub-supplier to almost all automotive companies and is also moving beyond this sector.

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