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In the past, IQLANDIA has struggled with a difficult to use and difficult to set up access control system. Each change brought excessive administration and often did not achieve exactly the results they envisioned. This situation led them to look for a more efficient solution that would allow them to easily track employee attendance. And how did it turn out? Read on.

I appreciate entering attendance via the Aktion mobile app, even if some subordinates don't like the GPS location of the record. But for the purpose of recording and controlling attendance, it's a nifty thing!

Current situation

Already at the first meeting we were aware of the specific requirements that IQLANDIA had. Their operation requires the management of a variety of work hours and activities.

That's why we introduced our attendance and Access control Aktion, which integrated with their existing Vario ERP system.

Linking the two systems meant that changes in one are automatically reflected and the other, minimising the administrative burden.

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For employee identification, we installed a black eSeries attendance scanner. Its touchscreen display and intelligent features simplified the attendance recording process and made it a fast favourite to work with.

This biometric sensor is also used for door control and access control, contributing to an overall feeling of security and smooth operation.

One unexpected bonus for IQLANDIA was the use of the Aktion mobile app. This app allows employees to track their attendance and perform simple tasks from anywhere, anytime.

This not only made their daily routine easier, but also brought a modern and flexible element to the company's operations.

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About IQLANDIA, o.p.s.

The mission of IQLANDIA is to popularize science and technology using the principles of informal education and research approach, to make science and research accessible to schools and the general public.

The aim of the society is to positively influence attitudes towards science and technology, to increase interest in their study and to promote the idea of a sustainable society.

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