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We've made building and office access control faster and cheaper. Keyless access saves money by eliminating the need to produce new keys. When any change needs to be made, an administrator can do it centrally in one place.

How it started

GECO, a.s. did not use any Access control. This meant that people entered buildings, offices, warehouses and other spaces through doors that opened and locked with a physical key. This made the company's daily operations quite complicated, because every time someone lost a key, the lock cylinders had to be replaced for security reasons. And of course that's time-consuming and expensive.

GECO was therefore looking for a strategic partner to provide long-term security and building access control services.

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Keys replaced by access cards and Aktion chips

We installed Aktion access terminals with integrated RFID chip and access card readers at each door. Switching to electronic access control completely solved the problems with lost keys. All access and permissions can be managed remotely by the administrator. 

Thanks to the Aktion access system, GECO, a.s. is able to respond flexibly to all operational changes.

Aktion eReader controls access to company buildings with a fingerprint

With ordinary keys, the situation was very difficult for us. Any loss of keyhiring a new employee or making any change has repeatedly cost us a lot of money and time. We needed a more efficient solution. Since the introduction of the Aktion access system, we have been able to respond flexibly to all changes in the company's operations and related changes in the management of the GECO, a.s. Group.

GECO, a.s. switched to the central electronic access control Aktion

About GECO, a.s.

The joint stock company GECO is a trading company that has been on the market since 1991. GECO operates in the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia.

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