Watch your Money
and Time on Orders

Aktion custom system Followed by overheads and invoicing of the work performed. It helps to record tasks and control quality in facility management. Can distinguish between the work of tribal employees and external contractors. Understands accounting systems and simply prepares the payroll documents. And, of course, he will keep an eye on deadlines and cost. 

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Records of orders
in Excel? Digitize!

The Aktion custom system is Ideal for medium and smaller companiesthat do not yet use any information system. It does not matter if you are an IT company, a gardening company, an accounting company, a locksmith or a car transport company. With Aktion you will be faster and more efficient.

Order records online. In the Aktion ordering system you can keep track of time and money on every order
You can conveniently record the actions of facility management staff in the Aktion custom system


You can keep a detailed record of staff actions

In the framework of facility management Aktion can control the performance of individual tasks, e.g. room cleaning or service tasks. The worker takes a picture of the QR code in the room they are cleaning, which records when the room was cleaned and how long the task took.  In Engineering disciplines with Aktion, for example, it is possible to record the time of technicians on the road, time with project preparation, on-site implementation time, or service time for repair or maintenance.

Forget the custom sheets that go back and forth. Instead of paper, let the data travel in the online order book.


Online in mobile or web portal

You can use the web portal of the order system to fill out reports in bulk for multiple people on an order. For workers on the go, we've developed a mobile app to easily record time on the job.

In the Aktion custom module, you complete reports in the web portal and when you are on the move, you use the mobile app
Aktion online time and attendance for small businesses, construction sites, delivery buses and other companies that just want to record arrivals and departures.

Free presentation and system design

We are trusted by companies in the Czech Republic and abroad

You can find the handy Aktion attendance and access control system in large companies and small family businesses across Europe.

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Aktion is Czech Attendance a Access system that will free your hands.