Aktion Attendance and Access System

Adapted to local legislation. Both tailored-made solution for large companies and an online version for small businesses.

    • 25 years on the market
    • Easy and intuitive
    • Compatible with other enterprise systems
    • Modules such as Lend-items, Catering, Time Tracking
    • Modules can be used independently



Smart Attendance System

Customized for Czech and Slovak legislative. Online version for small businesses. Easy and intuitive.

  • Direct export of attendance reports into your payroll system
  • Employee tracking software
  • Identification by fingerprint, credit/city card or chip
  • Possibility to use a mobile, tablet or smart reader
  • Compatible with other enterprise systems
  • Multi-shift and continuous operation
  • Calculation of overtime pay and meal allowance

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Modern Access Control

Controls doors, gates and, more generally, access in a highly secure way.

  • People tracking system
  • Possibility to restrict access to a certain time/day
  • Allows to control doors/gates remotely with a smartphone
  • Identification by fingerprint, NFC card or chip
  • Blocking/opening doors in case of alarm activation
  • Records of visitors, registration plates recognition
  • The solution for standard and sliding doors, turnstiles, toll-bars

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Access Control

Easy Meal Ordering and Issuing

Automated lunch or dinner ordering and issuing in the company cafeteria. Contactless payment by employee card.

  • A modern way to order a meal from a web or smartphone application
  • Substitutes meal vouchers and cash payments
  • Suitable for food delivery by external suppliers
  • Linked with the attendance system
    to calculate meal allowance
  • Exchange of meals including transfer from colleagues
  • Administrative costs reduction

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Electronic Lend-items Software

A non-contact identifier of the item (keychain, sticker) and the borrower (card/chip) speeds up the lend and return process.

  • Contactless or manual input of people and objects
  • Lending period limit + e-mail notification at the end of the period
  • Possibility to define lists/groups of items
  • Tools, keys, work equipment, cars, telephones, personal property
  • For warehouses, facility management, service and production companies, etc.

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Lending of items

Projects & activities Time Tracking

Easily track time spent on individual projects, clients or activities. All through an intuitive mobile app or from your PC.

  • Records of orders, services, projects and other activities
  • Each project can contain multiple sub-projects/items
  • Timesheets can be edited by employees or/and their superiors
  • Clear overview of the current state of all projects
  • Exports data to various formats
  • Suitable for professionals in building technology or cleaning companies

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Time Tracking

Training andHuman Resources

This module is part of a custom-made Attendance System

  • Database of employees, temporary workers and suppliers
  • Planning of the required number of workers at a given time
  • Staff training plans
  • Records and planning of legally required training
  • Records of medical examinations and needed work equipment
  • Process acceleration by using an electronic signature of documents
    through signature pads (no need to print nor scan)

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HR Agenda

the attendance and access system

Aktion is one of the most sought-after employes attendance and access systems on the Czech and Slovak market.

It is developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by EFG CZ, which has been operating in the field of low-current systems and building security for almost 30 years.

The system's main advantage is the modular hardware and software concept. It allows to connect Aktion to existing enterprise systems and to design individual solutions adjusted to customers from different industries. Aktion is designed both for small businesses and large companies.


We have our own development centre for both hardware and software. You can use high-quality smart readers or terminals, Android tablets or any smartphone.

eSmart Reader

Suitable for complex operations

Access eReader

Accepts chip/card (NFC technology) or fingerprint


For off-site workers and remote control


Can replace attendance terminal

Introducing: attendance terminal on a tablet



Days of Aktion again in September
Days of Aktion again in September

EFG regularly organizes Aktion Days, where you can consult with identification systems experts free of charge, which solution would be most suitable for your business. In the summer months, consultations are not taking place and the first happening is 13 September 2018.

EFG CZ Co. Ltd. is moving
EFG CZ Co. Ltd. is moving

EFG CZ, which manufactures the Aktion system and organizes expert training on identification systems, moves to a new address. From July 2018 you will find it in Prague 4, on the Zelený pruh.

Aktion CLOUD Update
Aktion CLOUD Update

Let us inform you that the SW Aktion CLOUD has been updated for access control and attendance records.

New version Aktion NEXT 3.1
New version Aktion NEXT 3.1

The new version includes support for GDPR processes, ordering food by using a mobile application, and new ways to set up business/international trips. In addition, you will appreciate the new design, the new web API interface and the overall web client enhancements. If you can not install the new version yourself, you can download it at the eCare Technical Support server.

New version Aktion NEXT 3.0
New version Aktion NEXT 3.0

The new version of Aktion NEXT 3.0 has been officially released on the eCare Technical Support Server, which includes a new Module, Module of Rentals/Items module, and supports the Wiegand Sensor connection to eXpander.

Consultation days Aktion
Consultation days Aktion

Do not know how to choose the right attendance and access system? Attend the consulting days at Aktion! We are here for you!

New version Aktion CLOUD
New version Aktion CLOUD

We would like to inform you that the SW Aktion CLOUD has been updated for access control and attendance records.

New version Aktion.NEXT 2.3
New version Aktion.NEXT 2.3

The new version of Aktion.NEXT 2.3 has been released on the eCare Technical Support server, which includes the new Exception Module for opening, repairing and upgrading the Workflow module, expanding the Mass Add / Remove Access feature, and blocking the shutdown.

Access and attendance conference systems Aktion
Access and attendance conference systems Aktion

EFG CZ Co. Ltd., the inventor and manufacturer of the Aktion identification system, would like to invite you to a conference focused on new upcoming products and trends. The conference is designed for companies with an interest in adding Aktion products to their assortment.

New version Aktion.NEXT 2.2.1
New version Aktion.NEXT 2.2.1

The new version of Aktion.NEXT 2.2.1 has been released on the eCare Technical Support Server today, which brings several fixes and improvements to both software and hardware features. In particular, work with the visit agenda, attendance calculations and firmware for Aktion eSeries was optimized.

Safe School Conference 2017
Safe School Conference 2017

In the month of May, we will present a lecture at the Safe School Conference on the very topic, which is to ensure the safety of children and people in school facilities. The Conference will be held on the 25th of May, 2017 from 9 am at the National Technical Library, Balling´s Hall, Technická 6/2710, Prague 6 – Dejvice.

Safety 2017
Safety 2017

Come to visit our exposition and listen to a lecture on the current solutions for the access and attendance system Aktion, which will take place on 19th of April, 2017, Congress Center ALDIS, Labský Hall, Eliščino nábřeží (embankment) 375, Hradec Kralove.

Cloud computing conference in practice
Cloud computing conference in practice

Come to visit our exposition and listen to a lecture at Cloud Door Control at the Cloud computing in practice conference, which is held on March 23, 2017, Karlovo nám. 5, Charitas Palace, Congress Center Vavruška, Prague.

Turn the tablet into an attendance terminal
Turn the tablet into an attendance terminal

Application in connection with tablet functions as attendance terminal for work time evidence. Simply download it from Google Play and install into the tablet or smartphone with OS Android.

Attendance on the web, tablet and mobile for 10 employees
Attendance on the web, tablet and mobile for 10 employees

The annual subscription of Cloud Services with the attendance rate for 10 employees for 2.350, - CZK per year. The service includes web, tablet, and mobile Aktion applications. Now 30 days of application for free! After a free period, one can pay for the cloud service or end it.

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