Genuine Time Attendance System

The new range of readers in a perfect modern design with a touch screen of the fingerprint recognition or in a version of identification cards.

  • 4,3” Coloured touch screen
  • Users menu
  • Ethernet interface, PoE
  • SMART security functions
  • Automatic registration CLICK2use
  • Fingerprint reader with a resistant sensor

Product details

eSmart Reader

Easy Access Control 

The new generation of readers for access control with enhanced security and performance without the need of control units.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Identification by using a credit card or a city card
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Ethernet connection PoE including
  • Optical protective tamper
  • White, black or grey design
  • Additional safety relay into door frames

Product details



On-premise solution

Individual solution of central management of access control and recordkeeping of time attendance on your own server.

  • High performance and connectivity
  • Local communication server
  • 1x LAN, 1x WAN
  • DHCP/fixed IP address
  • RACK / BOX version
  • VPN support

Product details

On-premise eBox


Smart Secure Entrance

The remote electromagnetic contact enhances the security entrance door.

  • Smart security
  • Enhanced entrance door protection
  • Direct installation into the door frame
  • Simple connection with coloured labels
  • Resistant plastic cover
  • eData encrypted communication 
Security solution eRelay

 Ethernet Connection

Extend your existing system or operate anything you need with the help of mobile applications.  

  • Remote operation of 2 devices via internet (2 outputs)
  • Integration with building technology
        (lightening, climatization, EZS, EPS, CCTV and others)
  • CLOUD connection via ethernet
  • Operation with the help of mobile application or web interface
  • 2x Wiegand interface for connection of external readers
  • Optical tamper signalling the cover´s opening or pulling
    it down the wall
Smart control eXpander

Mobile Attendance

Improve your control over employees working in the field or give them mobile review about their attendance.

  • Register by using a smart mobile phone
  • Control over employees by using the GPS coordinate system
  • Entries and exits everywhere you need
  • Review of present persons in the workplace
  • Operation of other devices whencesover

Product details

eMobile App


Aktion provides a complete system solution of identification systems for each customer. Complex supplies include analysis, assembly, installation, implementation and training of users.

Recordkeeping of Attendance

Automation of information for calculation of salary including online view about the movement of staffs.

Access Control

Security of an entrance door with the possibility of definition of multiple levels of access rights of individual persons.

The Dining Service System

Automation of orders, cash sales, check dispensing and billing of meals in canteens.

Recordkeeping of Manufacturing Operations

The record of staff time on orders and manufacturing operations with data transmission to the production management system.



We have our own development center for both hardware and software devices. You will get quality tools for working with specific data of users with our products.


and Fingerprints Readers

Terminals for
Dining Service Applications

Readers with Functions of Terminal

with a Capacitive Keyboard

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A new version of Aktion NEXT 3.1. was launched
A new version of Aktion NEXT 3.1. was launched

The latest version includes support of the GDPR processes, food ordering mobile app and additional business trip options. Furthermore, users will appreciate new design, webAPI interface and an overall improvement of the web client. In case you were not asked to update Aktion by the program itself, you can find the latest version on the eCare server.

New version of Aktion NEXT 3.0
New version of Aktion NEXT 3.0

eCare technical support has released a new version of Aktion NEXT 3.0, which includes a new Catering Module, Loans/Objects Module, and eXpander with Wiegand sensor support.

New version of Aktion NEXT 2.3
New version of Aktion NEXT 2.3

The new version of Aktion.NEXT 2.3 has been released on the eCare Technical Support server, which includes the new Exception Module for opening, repairing and upgrading the Workflow module, extension of the function the Mass Change to partially add/remove access, and blocking the shutdown when the total folder is exceeded/not reached.

Safe School Conference
Safe School Conference

In May we will present a lecture at the Safe School Conference on a very actual theme, namely a security of children and people in school facilities. The conference will be held on May, 25, 2017, starting at 9 am at the National Technical Library, Balling Hall, Technická 6/2710, Prague 6 - Dejvice.

Cloud Computing Conference in practice
Cloud Computing Conference in practice

Come visit our booth and listen to a lecture on the topic of Smart door control via Cloud at a Conference Cloud computing in a practice, which will be held on March, 23, 2017, Karlovo nám. 5, Caritas Palace Convention Center Vavruška, Prague.

New SW Aktion CLOUD
New SW Aktion CLOUD

On site technical support was released a new version of SW Aktion.CLOUD for time attendance and access control system.

New SW Aktion NEXT 2.2 and CLOUD
New SW Aktion NEXT 2.2 and CLOUD

On site technical support eCare a new version of SW Aktion.NEXT 2.2 was released, which includes a new tablet application, identification by access code through eSmartReader and tablet, possibility of fingerprint identification in an offline mode and new agenda of Monitor alarms.

New SW Aktion NEXT 2.1 and  CLOUD
New SW Aktion NEXT 2.1 and CLOUD

On technical support server Assist@nt has released a new version of software Aktion.NEXT 1.2 Among the greatest new features include support for new devices Expander software attendance terminal, setting Representatives leaders, conditional deadline attendance requests, demands and constraints on applications and newly supported wireless online lock from SALTO Sallis.

New SW Aktion.NEXT 2.0
New SW Aktion.NEXT 2.0

New version of SW Aktion.NEXT 2.0 is now available on technical support server Assist@nt.

 New SW Aktion.NEXT 1.10.2
New SW Aktion.NEXT 1.10.2

New version of SW Aktion.NEXT 1.10.2 is now available on technical support server Assist@nt.

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