Automated Reception to Speed up Check-in

The Aktion automated reception desk speeds up the check-in process at the reception and concierge desk. The Aktion self-service visitor kiosk will completely replace
administrative activities receptionist or concierge service. The visitor registers themselves or waits for remote approval of the visitor.

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Simplifies administration for reception staff

Visitor registration software simplifies the work of reception or security staff. The operator can quickly check in multiple visitors at the same time. Instead of making manual entries in a notebook, it simply uploads the data from the ID card and issues a visitor card.

Aktion's co-registration kiosk can save reception security a lot of work
Automatic reception aktion can register and record the license plates of passing vehicles through the gatehouse


Accurate reading of vehicle registration plates at the gatehouse

Automate traffic at entry gates for employees, visitors and suppliers. With ATEAS Security connected to Aktion, your cameras can read vehicle registration numbers and automate entrances to the premises.


Single entries and work permits

With Aktion, you can manage one-off visitor entries as well as long-term stays and contractor work. This will come in handy for H&S compliance checks and issuing work permits.

Aktion automated reception can distinguish people with single entry permits
Automatic self-registration kiosk Aktion replaces the doorman completely


The visitor checks in directly at the reception

At the automated Aktion kiosk, visitors can simply register, view and confirm the OHS briefing and pick up a visitor card. The kiosk will replace the work of the receptionist.

See how the automated reception works

See a demonstration of how the "electric doorman" works.


E-mail invitations
with QR code on your mobile phone

Managers in the company can schedule a visit in advance. An invitation containing a QR code is automatically emailed to the visitor. When the visitor arrives at the reception desk, the QR code is used either to enter directly or to speed up registration.

Aktion can send business cards by email together with a QR code that can be used to show the visitor at the door

See how easy it is to approve a visit on your mobile

Aktion online time and attendance for small businesses, construction sites, delivery buses and other companies that just want to record arrivals and departures.

Free presentation and system design

Hardware for automatic reception

Consult with us the necessary equipment for automation of the reception and concierge.

We are trusted by companies in the Czech Republic and abroad

You can find the handy Aktion attendance and access control system in large companies and small family businesses across Europe.

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Aktion is Czech Attendance a Access system that will free your hands.