Easy Online Attendance for SMALL COMPANIES

No need to install software on your server. Attendance sensors just connect to the internet. You can even run attendance records as an app on your tablet - completely sensor-free.

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Attendance and access for small businesses

Aktion can record the presence of persons and register attendance in small businesses, shops or construction sites.
Also great for keyless unlocking doors of apartment buildings and flats.

Attendance with smart terminal

Are you a small company and want to keep simple and reliable records of people's attendance at work? Attendance ONLINE easy to get up and running because everything is set up. Just start using it. You can easily install the terminal yourself. What can you do with attendance?

Starting from 20,30 EUR per month

The Aktion attendance system can be operated with your fingerprint or mobile phone

Online attendance presentation

In the video you will learnwhat Aktion's simple online attendance can do.

Online attendance for small businesses on a tablet from 290 CZK per month - Aktion

Attendance on the tablet in the company and in the field

Cheaper attendance option for small businesses compared to attendance with a smart sensor. You get your own tablet and you only pay for the software license of the application Action.

Starting from 20,30 EUR per month

Benefits of tablet attendance

In the video you will learnwhat a simple online attendance on an Aktion tablet can do.

Attendance with module planning and approval

In addition to recording attendance, you can also easily plan and approve holidays, sick days, compensatory time off or business trips. From tomorrow, you can easily record everything in ONLINE attendance and even approve requests from your mobile phone. Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Starting from 30,45 EUR per month

Online attendance records on a tablet, mobile phone or computer - that's Aktion

How approval works

Example of a leave request and subsequent approval of the action by the manager in Aktion.

Simple attendance for small businesses serves great in managing access to the company - Aktion

Access records to the company thanks to the terminal

The Aktion online access control system allows you to control access to your company building, warehouse or server room. You can open doors and turnstiles using a smart sensor. Connect additional sensors to secure all entrances. 

Starting from 16,40 EUR per month

Keyless door opening for apartments and houses

Thanks to Aktion HOME you transform an ordinary front door to a smart access control system. It does so much more and can simplify your everyday life.

For 3 doors for free

Aktion can control access to companies and apartment buildings. Keyless door opening with a terminal that you open with a chip, code or mobile phone.

Try it out DEMO

Yes, I am! Now you can try out the Aktion online attendance and access system with everything you need. We will redirect you to the WEB applicationwhere you can see how to work with personnel management, absence planning and attendance reporting.

In the attendance report, you can manually enter time events - arrivals, departures and absences - for test persons. Create a sample monthly report, including the printing of different versions of attendance sheets.

Try online attendance and the Aktion access system for free for 30 days

Download the catalogue

Aktion online attendance brochure for small businesses
Aktion online time and attendance for small businesses, construction sites, delivery buses and other companies that just want to record arrivals and departures.

Free presentation and system design

We are trusted by companies in the Czech Republic and abroad

You can find the handy Aktion attendance and access control system in large companies and small family businesses across Europe.

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Aktion is Czech Attendance a Access system that will free your hands.