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Download the Aktion Solution Catalogue

Solution Catalogue

A complete overview of attendance and access software solutions for enterprises and large companies. In the catalogue you will find important information about all modules of the Aktion system - attendance, access, catering, visits, orders, loans, training, interfaces and add-ons, mobile applications, technical specifications and software licenses.

Aktion product catalogue for download

Product catalogue

A clear catalogue of our HW that we install for companies as an integral part of the Aktion attendance and access control system. In the catalogue you will find a list of all sensors, integration and add-on modules, servers, terminals, accessories for people and vehicles, wireless locks and a table of technical parameters.

eCard product sheet for download

eCard - product sheet

Product sheet for the Aktion eCard virtual access card, which you can simply download to your mobile phone and use in the same way as you use a payment card on your mobile phone. More information about the mobile access card you can find out here.

Aktion online attendance brochure for small businesses download

Attendance online - brochure

A booklet explaining in detail online attendance for small businesses, an alternative to our robust attendance system we have developed for large businesses.

Product sheet eSmart Reader download

eSmart Reader - product sheet

Product sheet explaining the main advantages of the access sensor that we have combined with the attendance terminal. This has simplified installation. The terminal can be connected to the CLOUD as part of our online attendanceor your own server.

Product sheet eReader download

eReader - product sheet

Product sheet for the new generation of access control sensors. Aktion eReader sensors do not require a control unit. A simple sensor without display, equipped with a biometric fingerprint reader, is now all that is needed to control access doors, turnstiles and barriers.

Product sheet Aktion eXpander download

eXpander - product sheet

Product data sheet explaining the functions of the Aktion eXpander integration module. It is a universal unit for controlling any device and connecting external card sensors. With the eXpander you can easily extend your existing Aktion system. When you combine it with the Aktion mobile app, you can conveniently control everything you need at the moment, from doors to barriers to lighting.

Product sheet eXtender download

eXtender - product sheet

The Aktion eXtender product sheet introduces you to a smart device for controlling lifts, RACK cabinets or switching alarm actions in access control systems. You can also use it for remote control of building technologies (electrical, MaR). It works in online mode.

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