Aktion Access Control

Get a perfect overview of the movement of people in buildings, premises
factories, schools or apartment buildings. The Aktion access system is connected to cameras, recognises number plates and opens gates and barriers.

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Watch all entrances and exits

You can have the Aktion access system in simple version in a small business to control the front door. It serves just as well in design for large enterprises with unified access control to offices, meeting rooms, technical rooms of critical infrastructure, entrances and parking lots.
Aktion can be connected to the ATEAS smart camera system with artificial intelligence features.


Controls doors, gates, barriers and company security

Aktion will secure the entire company and keep an eye on the people inside. It lets people into buildings, offices and work areas based on their level of access permissions. In the event of the incident you can block the person's access immediately.

The Aktion access system for enterprises and large companies can also control lifts
The Aktion access system connected to the ATEAS camera system can read vehicle registration plates and open the gate automatically


Automatically reads the license plate number of the vehicle and lets it into the company

Cameras connected to the access control system automatically recognise approved vehicles by their registration plate. Aktion is smart and alone raises the bolt...open the gate or the garage. You can trace the car back to the license plate number on the camera footage in minutes.


Monitors zones
and alerts you to events

The access system can record predefined events (incidents). For example, if someone does not close the door to the server room, an alarm is triggered and the administrator is shown a video of the incident in the zone.

The Aktion access control system can monitor zones and sound an alarm if a defined event is detected
Training records in the Aktion access system


Oversees the training of people in the company

Do you need to keep records of mandatory OSH training for employees? Do people who enter the company premises need to undergo training? Aktion will makes work easier.

You create roles in the system, assign training and dates regular repetitions.

Aktion to the person concerned in a timely manner sends an e-mail with a warning about the expiration of the training and if the training is not completed, the access will be blocked.


Nobody can fool the Aktion access system

Ensure your company's security by setting different rules for access cards or fingerprints.

EXAMPLE: You set the external contractor to be able to go through the gate and have free access to the warehouse, but he can no longer enter the main building and can only enter the premises on weekdays.

Aktion eReader and eSmartReader access terminals can open doors, turnstiles and barriers
The Aktion access control system records the people present in the building and in the event of an alarm can quickly display people who have not yet left the building


Instantly displays the number of people present during evacuation

When a fire alarm goes off in the company, the administrator can check on his mobile phone how many people are currently in the line-up and who is still in the building.


Checks truancy and monitors the safety of children at school

The access system in schools monitors whether children have arrived at school. It records attendance in the classroom. Keeps unauthorized people out of the school. If a child does not arrive at school, Aktion sends an e-mail to the parents.

The Aktion access system will check that the child has arrived at school and if not, will send the information to the parent's mobile phone
Aktion access system for apartment buildings can open doors keylessly


Turns an ordinary front door into an intelligent access control system

Aktion HOME is a smart lock for any entrance door. But you can do a lot more than just unlock doors. With a sensor or mobile app, you can control the garage, lights or heating in the building.

Aktion online time and attendance for small businesses, construction sites, delivery buses and other companies that just want to record arrivals and departures.

Free presentation and system design

Hardware for access control systems

Consult with us the ideal number of individual access terminals in combination with the necessary equipment.

We are trusted in the Czech Republic and abroad

Aktion electronic access control systems can be found in large enterprisessmall family businesses and apartment buildings across Europe.

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