An access system for apartment buildings

  • Prevent entry of strangers to the house and common areas
  • Easy block/unblock or replace the access cards
  • Identification by credit/city (NFC) card or fingerprint
  • Set who and when can enter the house
  • Open the garage door (or any other) with a smartphone
  • Connection to a security system or home elevator
  • Connection to IP camera systems or parking systems

Access readers

Aktion Access Control
A solution for apartment buildings

Modern access control Aktion differs from conventional systems in very simple installation and low maintenance. Moreover, you can control independent systems from anywhere in the world from a smartphone.


Opening the door with a reader or a smartphone

Opening the door with a reader or a smartphone

No software installation, everything is on-line

No software installation, everything is on-line

Ethernet connection, PoE power supply

Ethernet connection, PoE power supply

Biometric identification

Biometric identification

Hi security and data encryption

Hi security and data encryption

Introducing Smart Door Control

Readers to control the access to the building

  • Non-contact Mifare 13.56 MHz technology
  • Biometric fingerprint reader with increased durability
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint identification
  • NFC technology - identification by mobile or credit card
  • Long and short-range readers
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Compatible with security systems, entrance gate or barrier, elevator, lights, home telephone, etc.
  • Identification by card, fingerprint, PIN code, input code or combination
  • External Relay eRelay - Security Door Inspection
  • PoE class 0 (IEEE 802.3af, 48 V standard) or 12 V adapter
  • TCP / IP network interface
Readers overview

Basic features

  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Definition of identifiers directly on the reader
  • Set up online via PC
  • Optic signal
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection
  • PoE power
  • Identifying by a card or fingerprint
  • Connection the second reader via Wiegand
  • One / two-sided entry control
  • Connection to CLOUD or SERVER
  • Easy and fast assembly


Short-range proximity eReader (Mifare, max. 7cm)


Proximity reader with display: eSmart Reader (Mifare, max. 7cm)


Long-range proximity reader Deister (UHF, max. 7m)

TSU 200
UDL 250



Technical parameters

Typ / device designation





Color variationswhite, black, greywhite, black, greywhite, blackwhite, black
Biometric reader 256 × 360 pixels, resolution 508 DPIyesyesyesyes
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit interface, RJ45 connectoryesyesyesyes
13,56 MHz proximity reader (Mifare/Desfire)yesyesyesyes
PoE power supplyyesyesyesyes
12V DC power supply (external power supply)
Dimensions w / h / d (mm)80,4/121,5/3980,4/121,5/3984/199,5/5584/199,5/55
Max. current consumption (mA)

Inputs / Outputs


Output relay for door controlyesyesyesyes
Access for door input (door)yesyesyesyes
Wiegand input for the AXR-110/210 series readeryesyesyesyes
eData for the second eReader and the eRelay safety relayyesyesyesyes
Protective switch (tamper)yesyesyesyes

SW connection

Aktion CLOUD Serveryesyesyesyes
Aktion NEXT (server solution)yesyesyesyes
Aktion COMPLETE (older application version)yesyesyesyes

Documents for download

User manual


Easy control via PC or smartphone

  • The facility manager can easily control access rights and identifiers over a web interface
  • Easily deactivate lost/stolen card (reactivate if found)
  • Individual access rights based on date, time and day of the week
  • Opening doors or gates through a smartphone
  • Control the number of persons in rental flats (number of issued cards)
  • History of people's passages on individual readers
  • Connecting the system to PCO, Emergency
  • A solution with no software installation


 Automatické zamezení vstupu cizím osobám

Prevents unauthorized entry

Není nutné měnit zámky při odcizení karty

Keyless solution: no need to change locks when a card is stolen

Zvýšení bezpečnosti domu a domovních prostor

Easy installation 

Zvýšení bezpečnosti domu a domovních prostor

Improving home security


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