Reception automation in Magna Exteriors (Bohemia) s.r.o.

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Magna contacted us with a request for an unmanned solution to the visits to the concierge desk. How did we handle it ? Read on ...

The Aktion information kiosk can easily handle the visit, call the person and confirm the relevant OHS, including ID verification. For us, absolute satisfaction.

Current situation

Magna contacted us with a request for an unmanned solution to the visits to the concierge desk. We recommended a proven solution using a self-service kiosk and automated the entire reception.


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In the premises Reception we have placed a kiosk where incoming visitors are registered. Right at the kiosk, they confirm the visitor instructions and receive a label with their name, the person they are visiting and a QR code to identify themselves for entry. The visitor is identified using a document reader directly at the kiosk.

What if I don't have my ID?

Never mind, you can also enter your details manually on the kiosk. Just enter your first name, last name and company name. After taking out the visitor's tag with the QR code, they will contact the person they plan to visit by phone. An employee will come to pick up their visitor at the front desk. The visitor is picked up by identifying the QR code on the kiosk. On repeat visits to the company, you will no longer see the visit instructions on the kiosk, these only need to be agreed once. It can of course be adjusted according to the customer's needs. The termination of the visit also takes place on the kiosk.

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About Magna Exteriors (Bohemia) s.r.o.

For the past 25 years, Magna has focused on the production of plastic parts for the automotive industry and its know-how has made it one of the market leaders in this field. Magna products can be found in the vehicles of well-known car manufacturers and are visible at a glance. The most common products are fifth doors, front and rear bumpers, radiator grilles, door sills and fuel tank caps. In the Czech Republic there are two plants in Liberec and Nymburk and two modular centres in Lipovka and Plazy.

More about the company here.

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